Spiritual Retreats


Spiritual Retreats 2019

Letting Go

21.7. - 28.7. 2019

A unique process to Transform, Dissolve and Let go of past energy.

Light of Stillness

4.8. - 11.8. 2019

Still your mind.


Dates to be announced

The Void. Emptiness… | What most important role does it play in our existence? | Who are we?

Opening Up to Spirit

Dates to be announced

A complete guide to Connecting with Spiritual Energies and Spiritual Beings.

Aligning to Light

Dates to be announced

Light is within all of us. | Learn to Align and be a Channel of the various energies of Light.


18.8. - 25.8. 2019

Everything is Energy. | Wavelengths. Frequencies. Vibrations.

Akashic Records

Dates to be announced

The mystery of the Akashic Records.

Jóga retreat |CZ

14.9. - 21.9. 2019

Prodlužte si léto a načerpejte dostatek energie na zimu.

Spiritual Mirror

Dates to be announced

A multitude of reflecting facets.

Spiritual Awakening

1.9. - 8.9. 2019

A Cosmic Event.

Power of third eye

Dates to be announced

Beyond the physical dimension.

Chi Kung

Dates to be announced

Chi Kung Retreat.

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