Courses & Events


MAHON | Menorca


Saturday at 4pm (till 6.30)

€ 10

Seminars on specific topic from the newest Spiritual agenda.

Meditation Class

Saturday at 7pm (till 8.30)

€ 6

Meditation helps to create a peaceful mind, balance and stability and it is extremely helpful to Spiritual development.

Spiritual Awarenness

Sunday at 4pm (till 6.30)

€ 10

Course for those who wish to study Spiritual Matters in depth.

Open Circle

Sunday at 7pm (till 8.30)


Open Circle gives everybody a chance to work and communicate with Spirit. For beginners or advanced.

Everyone welcome.

Demonstration of Mediumship

Conveying messages from Spirit. Join the Light of communication with Spirit.

Spiritual Healing

Receive Spiritual Healing.

Singing Bowl Session

Receive the benefit and enjoy the peace of Crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls together.


Reiki Healing Session.

Spiritual Healing

An opportunity to take time out of your busy life to receive calm and balancing energies. You are able to receive hands on healing, or can simply join us in sitting in the beautiful calming, spiritual energies. helping to restore energies of the mind, body and soul.

Spiritual energies are channeled through the Universal Ether, through the vessel of the healer and directed into your body to where the healing energies are most needed. in order to provide a balance to your system as a whole. As the healer works for and alongside Spirit energies, it may also arise that Spirit guides or Earthly beings that have passed may want to send symbolic messages to you that will help guide and support your journey to becoming a more enlightened and balanced one.

Note: The healer may ask you if there are specific parts of your body or mind that you feel you may need a specific focus on.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls work on a vibrational level that resonate with empowering the meditative mind, meaning that they can enhance your meditation experience and send your mind to places that are literally out of this world. Enabling you to see and sense things you may not have experienced before.

These vibrations also serve to penetrate the physical body’s particles to provide balancing and healing where it is needed. Alike to your favorite songs or music they can invoke emotions and senses that allow the release of negative energies that we often dismiss or bury over time. Therefore, meditating with the crystal bowls helps to cleanse and stimulate the chakras and the aura.

Spiritual Retreats Menorca



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