About ShintoRoca

At ShintoRoca we wish to share the knowledge of Spiritual Light with others, with those who are already awakened and with those who are awakening to the Light.

At ShintoRoca, Retreats, Workshops, Talks, Seminars, Meditations, Healing and Philosophy of Existence itself take place. It is a space that embraces Buddhism and Celestial Beings. The understanding of modern-day Cosmic Vibrations and Emptiness, Spiritual and Holistic Teachings and Wisdom. Channelling of Cosmic energies, Mediumship and Physic abilities, Reiki and Yoga practices. Ancient Shamanic ceremonies and so much more.

Everything is Energy. Whatever we sense in the world is energy; internally or externally. This tells us something very important, that we are moving towards an Ethereal way of cognitive existence. A whole new perception of being is occurring globally.

ShintoRoca is a place of Cosmic Consciousness.

A space with love and spontaneous compassion at the fore, where wisdom and the search for the purest truth of existence is intuitive and instinctive.

A place where anybody can visit, understand and learn all aspects of the Vibrations of the Universe and Cosmos. Where Communication with other realms and dimensions of existence can take place in its most simple form.

A place where Letting Go and a Clear Light of Consciousness is present.

The global spiritual awakening that is taking place can be better understood through meditation and mindfulness. Through the stillness of the mind, clarity ripens thus making it easier for one to perceive existence as it truly is.

The aim and purpose of ShintoRoca is to reflect and convey the latest Spiritual knowledge as it currently occurs.

ShintoRoca encourages everyone to gain awareness and practically utilize the wavelengths, frequencies and vibrations of natural Spiritual and Cosmic energies in order to serve and be of benefit to others, In particular – The Ether.

The wish is to convey all these aspects. If we wish to contemplate, meditate and be free from the confines of our normal everyday consciousness, ShintoRoca will hopefully allow one’s mind to go deeper yet become more expanded in it’s understanding in relation to our world, to cosmic beings, other worlds, other dimensions and other vibrational frequencies.

Starting at the physical human basis and evolving through the mind, or consciousness, one will slowly begin to realize a spiritual concept of everything. We are evolving as a species.

ShintoRoca will have at its heart, one aspect:


This is the LIGHT that guides ShintoRoca.

The Name ShintoRoca

When sitting in the garden one day and wondering what to do with a garden that was filled with natural rocks and shrubs (with the wish to create a beautiful space) and in contemplation, an inspiring thought occurred, with the emphasis on all the rocks, “What do the Japanese do in their gardens with many rocks?” And there was the answer, to create a Japanese Shinto and Eastern Oriental Zen style garden and space. And so over the following year we slowly began to create a garden of peace and meditation. It was during this process that the question of a name occurred.

When looking for a name for the place or space, several names came up over a period of approx 5 months. We wished for one that would be inspired and represent several things. First, was Spirituality, we were looking for a form of spirituality that did not incur a label to it because in the many years involved in spiritualism, alternative and holistic therapies, Buddhism and cosmic energies, the wish was for a name that incorporated all aspects and teachings of spirituality and one that was inclusive not exclusive.


It is a place of profound Spirituality and it is open to All.

Shinto philosophy does this, it harmonizes the spiritual, the material and the natural all into one. It does not separate or divide them therefore this was the first leg in the process of accepting the word Shinto into the name.

Roca, the place, literally translated as Rock. It seemed quite apt that due to the space been in the wonderful location called Sa Roca in Menorca, Spain, that we could use the second name Roca and even more significantly because in Shinto philosophy rocks are very important and revered. It is believed that rocks hold the gods or kami or spirits within them.

It was then clear that we should join both Shinto and Roca together to form the name SHINTOROCA.

A space were all Energies… Wavelengths, Frequencies and Vibrations of the cosmos may blend and harmonize as ONE.

About Spiritual Retreat

There are many reasons why a retreat can take place or why one wishes to enter into retreat. All reasons have one unique purpose that is that a retreat is individual for an individual. This is the common aspect of retreat. A time of contemplation, a step towards enlightenment. From relaxing to a deep state of realization.

One may wish to enter into retreat merely for the benefit of relaxing the mind by being away from the daily distractions of one’s world. How often do we hear people say I can’t think straight or I can’t think clearly yet they keep going without listening to their very own words. How many times do you hear the words I need to get away from it all, Or I need a break or I need a rest and I would like to take myself off somewhere where its peaceful and quiet.

There are many kinds or types of retreat: Solitary Retreat, Silent Retreat, Group Retreat, Rest and Relax Retreat, Recuperation Retreat,  Well Being Retreat, Mindfulness Retreat…

Whatever retreat you think of it has one main purpose, it is a time for you, a time and period for you as an individual mind to be in your own space and to be able to focus your mind and to think of that that you wish to, without distraction. It is a time to De-Stress and Let Go, to unwind and allow the natural flow of your own thoughts to begin again but with clarity and light.

The benefits of retreat are immeasurable. For example, spending a short period of time alone instinctively helps clear the mind of external influences immediately, ones own self reflective images become sharper and more finely attuned so that one can deal with them in a more productive and positive manner. Ones health improves, ones mind becomes purer in thought thus ones speech becomes purer.

People talk about how lighter and better they feel after they have completed a retreat, even for a few short days.

There are many durations or lengths of time for a retreat. From 1 day to many years. Realistically, retreats can last from 3 days 3 months or 3 years and more.

One of the most important things about retreat is the location. The location should be free from any distractions, in nature away from any external chaotic disturbances and in an environment among positive like-minded individuals.

To share the same goal as others on retreat is very beneficial. People can relate to each other, talking about their experiences during retreat helps so much to understand the mind and to know that you are not alone on your journey in this world.

The object of a retreat is to simply to put your mind into a better space so that you can face each day and each aspect of your life with a clearer, fresher and new perspective. One that is spiritual and meaningful for yourself and those around you.

The key to retreat is meditation, through meditation and stillness one can take steps to clear any unwanted thoughts that may distract the mind and move the mind towards a path of peaceful and joyful experiences, making ones life meaningful.


Stillness is the light that shines on all things. It is the illumination of clarity of ones consciousness. It reenergises, it revitalises and it stimulates the purer and therefore faster, frequencies of ones Thoughts so that clarity in any given situation may be found.

Stillness is essential for anyone who considers that they are on a spiritual path or journey. It is one of the best, if not the best, aids for attuning to spiritual vibrations, discarnate souls and Beings of Light. It helps in all aspects of Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Development.

Stillness offers the acceptance of life and the doorway to dimensions of greater understanding.

Stillness is the key to the soul

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